BMW G 310 R Latest update

BMW G 310 R new update

A BMW motorcycle which is affordable. It’s not a dream anymore because what I have here is the G 310 R, which is the most affordable BMW motorcycle.

You can buy in the world and that’s thanks to TBS who has manufactured this motorcycle in india.

Thereby giving them a big cost advantage. However BMW has prized it at a premium is it still worth buying this motorcycle at an on road price of rupees. Three and a half lakh well.

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One look at the G 310 R and you will be convinced because this motorcycle has the typical BMW.

Its powers, when it comes to design the G 310 R is definitely a strong looking 300cc street fighter bike. 

A BMW G 310 R motored and devious motor company the G 310 R and the G 310 GS. They’re both powered by the same engine and are manufactured at DVSS hoshin facility now with 34bhp and 28 Newton meter of torque.

The BMW G 310 R is rather quick off the line now. In the india two wheeler market today. We are riding the BMW G 310 R. 


Digital speedometer

  • Digital Tachometer
  • Digital speedometer
  • Digital Trip meter
  • Digital odometer
  • Low fuel warning system
  • Gear indicator system
  • Pass light system
  • Digital clock
  • Digital ABS light
  • Digital fuel gauge
  • Electric start system
  • mono shock rear suspension

I would say the BMW G 310 R represent a pure roadster and its got sharp edges around the tail lamp and the headlamp.

Bmw led headlight

And I especially like the golden folks and along with that it also gets an LED tail lamp.

Temperature and average speed the fonts are quite legible as they are but while riding under direct sunlight viewing.

It can never match the full – color TFT display of the tube 390 but still it is a decent display with the read outs including.

The dash info is slightly difficult the overall fit and finish and bed quality is quite good. When the branding reads BMW but the engine cowl appears to be of below average quality.

Thereby allowing you to steer through the traffic effortlessly. The rider foot pegs are ideally set as well.

They are just slightly. There’re set of offer perfect balance and control. The revues inclined engine also contributes towards the mass centralization concept.

The throttle rotation is also light and easy going on your palms and wrists the acceleration is quite good.

The BMW G 310 R is more calculated and rhythmic and systematic in it’s like the daredevil.


BMW G 310 R engine

The BMW G 310 R has 313cc, water cooled, 4 stroke single cylinder, 4 value superb engine. It generate maximum power 33.6 BHP @ 9500rpm and maximum torque 28Nm @ 7500rpm.

It is an engine that is rather much talked about the 313cc single cylinder engine was developed under a collaboration.

We do get an engine kill switch and helping flasher the speedo console is a decent one. 

The seating ergonomics as I meany before is well sorted out but the only glitch is that there is not adequate room for the rider to move around.

It kind of ties you into place the handlebar is positioned closer to the rider and is also shorter on the 310R.

This along with the steel trellis frame. The rear monoshock and the aluminium swing arm lend.

Brekes & Tyres

Folroy tyre


BMW G 310 R, front brake has been used single disc and Rear brake has been used single disc also. 300mm Front disc and 240mm Rear disc.

Front tyre has 110/70 R 17 and Rear tyre has 150/60 R 17. Front wheel size is 17 inches and Rear wheel size is 17 inches. It has totally Alloy wheels.

This is the smallest displacement motorcycle that BMW motorrad has in its line up. The G 3 DNR was first showcased in india.

This is like a dream come true for all the BMW motorrad fan boys. Which would include pretty much all of us because who isn’t a fan of BMW now.

The BMW G 310 R the shorter wheel base of the 310 our vendors. The  bike easily clickable and manuverable in the city traffic.

It helps the buy trackle corners easily should you prefer to take it for track day events.

Bmw seat

The 310 R is nice and compact pretty much tailor made to thrive in urban conditions. The 310, It is 785mm ideally said to be comfortable for the average height riders.

That would appeal universally to people of all age groups the cast aluminium. Alloy wheels get finish new design that lent the bike a distinguished look in this segment.

The gold analized front folks look super premium even the derailing on this aluminium swing-arm adds on the visual appeal.

The stainless steel exhaust looks perfectly proportionate and complements the rest of the design although. The seat is neatly laid out although. It could have offered a little more space for the rider to move around.

Those quick over takes and offers pretty much everything. You hope for from a street smart city.

The clutch feel is light. The bike not getting a slipper clutch. The throttle response is quite immediate without any latency. 


Gear suspension

No of gear – 6 speed

Seat height – 785mm

Ground clearance – 16j5mm

Overall weight – 158.5kg

Fuel tank

Fuel tank capacity – 11 Litres

Fully naked body

Top speed – 143kmp/h

It has been used petrol. Top speed of this bike 143kmp/h. It gives 30kmp/l mileage in one litre petrol. This bike is really awesome bike.

The BMW G 310 R odd has a four stroke single cylinder liquid cooled fuel injected 313cc DOHC engine.

That puts out a max power of 34 PHP of 9500 rpm and maximum torque of 28 Newton meters @ 7500 rpm. It has a 6 speed gear box. taking the bike out for spin the bike feels incredibly compact and lightweight.

Thanks to a wit weight of a mere 158.5 kg which lends the bike a super power to weight ratio.

The bike superb handling characteristic such that the bike listen to you and behaves the way exactly how you wanted to its an extremely fun to ride. Machine easy to flick around has enough juice on board to make.

The ground clearance of the 310 R. It is 165mm. The ABS on the 310 R is not switchable. 

Rear tyre suspension

17- inch wheels with a 110/70 tire up front for the 310 R. 310 R gets a 17- inch field with the 150/60 tire. Also we get proper off roading block pattern tires.

The 310 R surprisingly the tank capacity remain the same for both that lemon lenders although.

The BMW G 310 R, it looks perfectly sculpted the muscular fuel tank uses. The macho street fighter field the compact looking headlamp looks nice and fresh.

The neatly carved out tank panels and the perfectly laid out rear panels white the meticulously encapsulated day lamp completes a design.


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The BMW G 310 R has three different colours, Cosmic black, Pearl white matallic, Racing red.

It’s available in three colors. Red one, I would rather prefer it in the signature BMW colors. But well that’s up to you to decide the overall styling is rather very minimalistic.

This motorcycle is in red and it really looks amazing especially, if you look overall from the side profile.

Bmw g 310 r red colour

It has got the BMW G 310 R, motor rad design language. This motorcycle is the cheapest BMW that you can buy worldwide in the motor over lineup.

This is being manufactured by CBS in India. The G 310 R is a huge move by BMW now who would have ever thought that an ultra premium brand like BMW motorard would offer something on the affordable range.

The stainless steel exhaust looks perfectly proportionate and complements the rest of the design although.

The speedometer, odometer, trip-meter, tachometer, clock, gear position indicator of fuel gauge range fuel consumption engine.

The BMW considers revising that because that is the only black spot in this otherwise well put together motorcycle talking about the power train powering.

Although it misses out on that intense field that the duke has on offer, while the right field of the duke can be related to the punisher with a brutal and ruthless par delivery.

The BMW scores in terms of fun factor and riding pleasure talking about.

The vibrations there is a slight buzz that, you feel on the foot pegs and the fuel tank.

You are also so caught up enjoying the ride that, you don’t notice them all that much nor are they all that bother some talking about.

Front tyre

The brakes we get a single 300mm disc up front with radially mounted focused and fixed calipers at the back.

We get a single 240mm disc with single piston floating caliper. The brakes are quite good and confidence inspiring.

The ABS intervention is quite smooth and accurate without any jerks or literariness.

We do get dual channel ABS a standard but unlike the GS the ABS on the G 310 R cannot be switched off.

Talking about the suspension vid chunky 41mm upside down folks up front and a mono-shock at the back unlike.

The suspension on the 310 R is ideally said to offer a comfortable ride over. The pothole ridden city streets.

And at the same time it supports the chassis really well at higher speeds to the headlong on the bike is very impressive.

The bike goes exactly in the direction. It holds the line perfectly while cornering as well talking about the wheels.

And tires we had mentioned tires and 17- inch wheels. We get a 110 by 70 tire up front and a 150 by 60 tire at the back.

It has impressive mileage wise. There is no official claim as such that, we can expect anything close to 28 to 30 km/pl from this bike.

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