BMW G310R bs6 Vs KTM 390 duke bs6
BMW G310R bs6 vs Duke 390 bs6 latest update in 2021
BMW G310R vs KTM 390 duke bs6
BMW G310 Vs KTM 390 duke bs6 model

BMW G310R bs6 
Ex- showroom price ₹ 2,50,000
RTO₹ 20,400
Insurance₹ 12,344
On road price in Delhi₹ 2,82,744
Duke 390 bs6 
Ex- showroom price₹ 2,70,554
RTO₹ 22,175
Insurance₹ 21,504
Other₹ 1,695
On road price in Delhi₹ 3,15,928

The new BMW G310R bs6 vs The KTM duke 390 bs6. Which one is better, which bike is worth buying. What are the pros and cons of each bike. I call this paradox to compare why because we have two motorcycles that started on a different path and have completely changed directions.

Recently the G310R when first launched was super pricey for a single-cylinder bike and except for the BMW badge. It had nothing else going for it. But now we see BMW suddenly reversed their strategy. They added a truckload of features on it and yet priced it super aggressively at a price that is significantly lower than the duke 390.

BMW G310R bs6 Vs KTM 390 duke bs6
BMW G310R bs6 Vs KTM 390 duke bs6

Now when we look at the duke 390. When this design was first launched in 2017. It kind of redefined value for money getting all the right goodies well ahead of its segment and yet came with an unbelievable price tag.

But now with constant price hikes and the bs6 update. The duke 390’s price has shot up way beyond comprehensive and thought. It’s still of great value. It has moved well ahead of the value for the money proposition that, it always stood for so two extreme cases of paradox clash in this epic battle, and let’s see who comes out victorious.

First, the design of the duke 390 with the super duke-inspired design still looks well ahead of its time and radical and sporty and truly badass. The 3110R with this new design looks classy elegant and does look smart and premium justifying.

The BMW badge talking about fit and finish and build quality both the bikes do impress. The quality of paint and the panels feel pretty impressive and though. The ktm 390 twins have been coming off late with MRF rubber. We don’t know what their strategy would be moving forward. Whether they would revert to modelers or drop the price to fight the onslaught of the G310R.

BMW G310R bs6 Vs KTM 390 duke bs6
BMW G310R bs6 Vs KTM 390 duke bs6

The beamer on the other hand gets Michelin tires which are just as good as modelers and way better than MRFs. Now talking about the equipment on board both the bikes almost match step to step both get slipper clutch. Both get to ride by wire both of them get LED lights all around and both the bikes get a 150 section Rear tire and both the bikes get USD forks.

Now the duke however inches ahead here because it gets quick shifter plus. This means we get a quick shifter along with an auto bliper which is unbelievable in this price range. Now, this results in clutch-less upshifts as well as downshifts however this doesn’t really work as a classic quick shifter with a wide-open throttle.

The G310R on the other hand doesn’t get a quick shifter also the duke gets the gorgeous full-color TRT console. Which the 310 misses out on duke also gets chunky 43mm USD forks whereas the 310R gets 41mm USD forks now, The front end feel is good on both bikes but KTM with their obsession with pure track and race performance inch ahead here and offer more reassurance and confidence but the gold analyzed forks on the G310R look much more premium aesthetically.

Now both bikes get dual-channel ABS but the duke also gets the supermoto mode where we can switch off ABS on the rear wheel and perform drifts and stunts. Now the 310 doesn’t enjoy this luxury talking about the seats the duke again offers more room for the rider to move around and offers decent room for the pillion.

The seat foam on the 310R is of better quality and feels more comfortable. However, room for the pillion is not as abundant. As the duke also the duke gets a steel tank with 13.5 liters of tank capacity. Which results in a better tank range.

The  310 only gets a 12-liter tank so, the duke moves ahead here as well by offering better tank range. The duke also gets a larger 320mm front disc of the 310. So, the initial bite and feedback are better for the duke the 310. However, is more appealing for shorter and average height riders because of the lower seat height of 785mm.

The duke cover feels taller with a seat height of 830mm. Now one thing that was a surprise is that the 310 feels very easily flick-able but on paper, the duke gets a shorter wheelbase of 1357mm compared to 1380mm of the 310.

So either way, both the bikes are brilliant in terms of handling thanks to the aluminum swingarm both come equipped with talking about the chassis. The duke gets a steel trail is framed with a bolt-on subframe whereas the 310 gets a tubular space frame.

Both bikes offer good high-speed stability and great cornering stability in terms of weight the 310. Weighs 164 kgs. Whereas the duke weights 167kgs. Now honestly the 310 feels a lot lighter than what the spec sheet reads and the same thing applies to the duke as well but comparing both the 310 feels a lot lighter than the weight difference that’s apparent on paper.

I love the feet that BMW has also included adjustable levers on the 310. So the levers can be adjusted as per your finger reach. The duke got this from the beginning so, that’s great as well. Now talk about the performance now both the bikes come powered by a single-cylinder engine.

The 310 puts out 34ps of max power. Whereas the duke puts out 43.5ps of max power which is absolutely crazy in terms of torque the duke puts out 37-newton meters. Whereas the 310 puts out 28 newton-meters so in terms of power delivery across the rev band. There’s no way of catching the duke even post.

The bs4 update and  KTM holding back on the sheer monstrosity of the bs3 original duke 390. It still feels quite aggressive now compared to the 310. The initial torque of the pickup right off the mark the mid-range surge and even the top end is absolutely awesome on the duke.

But the 310 is no bummer either it offers good pickup and a strong mid-range punch the top end is also decent enough but the duke just nukes the competition when it comes to sheer performance. The 310 is its lightweight and nimble character and an effortless riding experience.

It has on offer completely fatigue-free. It just doesn’t wear you down even offer long rides now. Both the bikes are great all-rounder you can use them for daily commuters. You can have blast at track day events and you can also tour on these bikes another important factor that not many discuss is the maintenance cost and the offer of sales service.

BMW G310R bs6 Vs KTM 390 duke bs6
BMW G310R bs6 Vs KTM 390 duke bs6

Now BMW hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the new maintenance cost. But the service interval is ten thousand kilometers or one year for BMW whereas for KTM. It is every seven thousand five hundred kilometers or six months in terms of service costs.

The beamer would set you back by around four thousand five hundred to five thousand rupees. Whereas the KTM would cost around 3000 rupees for general service. Now looking at the price this is where BMW kind of shocked everyone because no one saw this coming 2.45 lakhs for the 310R.

Which makes it nearly 13K cheaper than the duke 390 bs6. Which is now priced at 2.58 lakhs ex-showroom and this is an absolute clinch by BMW. So, overall there’s no doubt that duke 390 is comprehensively better than the 310 in every which way possible but what makes this lord BMW is how far they have come down to please their true fans.

Usually, with every upgrade, there’s always a prize increment but this might be the very first time in history. We have seen a major upgrade with a significant price drop and also they’ve given it all the right upgrades with the slipper clutch ride by wire LED lights and adjustable levers.

So though the mind says KTM the heart yearns to give BMW a chance as a reviewer. My verdict says KTM is still the winner but the BMW G310R with its incredible brand value and a strong heart is here to change.

The game now what do you guys think which one would you pick given the choice please do comment below and let me know……

Common Features  
Split type seatNoYes
Self start onlyYesYes
Pass switchYesYes
Digital speedometerYesYes
Digital Trip-meterYesYes
Low fuel warning lampNoYes
Digital clockNoYes
Passenger footrestYesYes
Digital consoleYesYes
Digital odometerYesYes
LED Tail lightYesYes
LED Turn signal lampNoYes

Tyres and Wheel  
BMW G310RDuke 390 bs6
Front tyre size100/70-R17100/70-17
Rear tyre size150/60-R17150/60-17
Front wheel size431.8mm431.8mm
Rear wheel size431.8mm431.8mm
Tubeless tyreYesYes
Alloy wheelsNoYes

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