Ducati panigale v2

Ducati panigale v2 new update

Ducati panigale v2

Expected price 

Rs 16 Lakh

Expected launch

Aug 2020

The Ducati panigale v2, have commenced across india. It will be launched early Next month. Test rides expected to follow soon. 

AGP circuit fabulous track on Ducati new pentagon v2. Its essentially a Ducati 959 but some significant upgrades that are really worth the changes.

A 955cc v – twin, I twin, whatever you want to call it 155 hourse power. It’s not quite up to 1000cc four cylinder power. 250 kilometres an hour on the back straight which 140 some miles an hour.



  • 955cc engine
  • 154.9ps maximum power generate
  • 104Nm maximum torque generate
  • Double disc brakes
  • Tubeless tyres
  • ABS dual channel



The ducati panigale v2 is powered by a 955cc Euro 5 – compliant v – twin engine. The motor produces 155ps @ 10,750rpm and 164Nm @ 9000rpm. This engine is paired to six speed gear box.


Body design

The Ducati panigale v2 hs used adjustable 43mm show a BPF fork at the front. Fully adjustable monoshock suspension at the rear.

Two disc 320mm disc at the front and a single 245mm disc at the rear.

Body design

White colour

This bike is perfectly adequate. The frame feels really stiff , you can really crank. It in some of the transitions and the bike stays planted right underneath.

Its really friendly machine to rip  around the racetrack. Its a better 959 its a way more stylish 959.

Control system


System control is dynamic you can feel the rear end slide out but it keeps everything in line. You can really hammer on the gas coming out of corners and feel the rear tire squirm. But it never gets out of control engine brake control.


The rear ABS keeps the front on only and so you can get hard on the brakes and lift the back end up.

Ducati panigale still has some ABS control. The throttle some of the bigger faster machine. A second or two before you got a break again and this is a really fun bike. fast and really ride friendly L

A TFT – really nice easy to read gear position indicator. We got the same base suspension show of BPF fork. It looks very lovely the see through tail here and the rear light.

Ducati panigale took the old 1299 single – sided swin garm and put it on this and that really adds a styling element and the others is the six axis. IMU so we’ve got top shelf electronic Rider aids now.

Quick shifter of course now downshift as well as up shift and the fraction control is the EVO 2 model.

155 horsepower its preety fast. Its not super fast at the end of a straightway. We got the Brembo M4 32 brakes. They’re not quite up to the em – 50s or the style EEMA brakes.

A two stroke you can dial that down that’s a really nice to modify. It to your taste cornering ABS now.

And also linked to the six axis IMU three modes of the most racing mode disengages. 

You can adjust the electronics you’re a newer track rider you can have easy fun. On its the electronics dialed and have a really racy machine.

Its got all the latest rider aids.



The indian launch of the panigale v2 was teased on Ducati India’s social media handle.

The rest of the bike remains untouched. It features the same panigale v4 inspired design. Launching Next month this bike Ducati panigale v2 will have the option of varient two amezing or different colour. White Russo livery Ducati red on the rims.

The white Russo livery gives the bike an awesome sharp look. Ducati claims the bike is designed to be more accessible and easier to ride on the road.

Deliveries of Ducati panigale v2 will being shortly after the bike is launched. Due to covid – 19 pandemic this bike may be delay for launching.

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