Honda CB500X 2020 latest updates

Honda cb500x 2021 new upcoming bike

Expected price – 

Rs 4,50,000 – 4,80,000 lakh

Expected launch date – 

Dec 2020

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This bike is really amezing, cool bike. It’s got the even popular 471cc parallel twin engine. The same one that’s used the f model.

The bars are nice and wide giving you lots of control. They’re nicely and high as well.

The bike is very close to the bar. This lovely honda parallel twin lots of character very smooth very easy running. Very very nice easy fueling of this bike honda cb500x.


Honda cb500x digital meter

  • Digital speedometer
  • Digital techometer
  • Analog Tripmeter
  • Digital fuel gauge
  • Digital clock system
  • pass light system
  • Irregular shape head light
  • LED tail light
  • Electric start system

The usual nice LED dash showing. You’ve got the gear position revs, temperature gauge all your tips. Clock all that sort of good stuff. All your warning light ABS is standard now.

Lovely nice tactile honda switch gear very very light assist and slipper clutch. Adjustable front brake lever.

That lovely little parallel twin kind of grumble. It’s a very very light clutch easy gear box.

You could definitely tell it’s a twin. It’s got a nice sort of rumble to it. There’s no snatchiness or anything to it. The mirrors are very clear.


Engine honda cb500x

Honda cb500x has 471cc, 2 cylinder, liquid cooled engine. It generates maximum power 46.9 bhp @8500rpm and maximum torque generate 43Nm @7000rpm. Weight of engine is 52.7kg.

The honda cb500x, I really really like the fact that it is good value budget adventure touring and it doesn’t get more good value or adventure touring than this you can do it all on it. 

It’s got a really robust design. This bike is not a new bike the one that. This would have probably come on to that honda press fleet.

That extra mileage it’s worn it really really well. There’s no kind of fatigue on any of the metal. There’s no corrosion on any aluminium parts. And the stainless steel fittings are all in pretty good shape.

If you’re looking for cheap convenient commuter transport. Its a really really good bet. 


Honda cb500x new upcoming bike

  • Seat height – 810mm
  • Weight         – 195kg
  • Fuel tank capacity – 17.3 litres
  • Fuel type      – petrol
  • Top speed     – 168kmp/h
  • Bore               – 67mm
  • Stroke            – 66.8mm
  • Chain drive system

Honda cb500x seat

A really nice punchy. It’s really superb. Honda CB500X. You got 810mm seat height on this. Obviously it’s a bit taller than the f model. Which is about 780mm.

Honda cb500x fuel tank

A huge tank range really really good. If you are tall guy, you’ll find this very very roomy and very very plush indeed and being a small sort of relatively speaking small bike. 

The gear box is super super slick and easy to use and handles like very very easy. No problems at all low speed handling.

Obviously it’s a reasonably tall bike, so you get a nice high up commanding position.

Honda CB500x, this particular bike it’s like an adventure style. The motorcycle industry because everything is getting so complex. It’s just nice to get on something and just ride it without having to faff about.

Brakes & Tyres

Honda cb500x front wheel

Honda CB500X, front tyre is 120/70zR – 17m/c and Rear tyre is 160/60zR – 17m/c. Wheel tyres are alloys. Tubeless tyres are also been used. Front brake is 320mm disc brake and 240mm rear disc brake.

Honda cb500x rear wheel

It brakes wise up front is 320mm wavy disc and a2 piston axial mounted nice in caliper. 

While the rear hs a 240mm wavy disc with a single pot missing caliper georgeanna ABS comes a standard.

Honda engineers didn’t just change the aesthetics and have added of massive 19 – inch front wheel replacing the previous years 17 – inch rim.

Honda cb500x red colour

It also has a slip and assist clutch for easy and smooth gear change. Front suspension is taken care of by 41mm preload adjustable telescopic forks with 150mm of travel while the rear shop is a single piston prolink monoshock with 138mm of travel.

The rear shock also has a nine stage spring preload adjustment giving you plenty of adjustability should you need.

The bike is the comfort. The seat on this thing is extremely plush. It’s nicely contoured and it’s a really good size.

The seat is nicely set it’s nicely positioned. You feel relaxed when you’re riding it.

This is completely honest at motor way speeds. So 75 or above. You do get a bit of buzz through the bars. The bike is so light and so agile yet. It has a full sized adventure bike profile.

These are dual purpose dunlop trial max tires 19 inch front wheel on this, which gives really good stability rolls over stuff really well with no effect on handling.

Really really good sort of wheel and tires choice on these. 

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That’s available in this lovely red, they also do it in black and a white version as well.

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