Kawasaki z900rs

Kawasaki z900rs cafe racer New update

Kawasaki z900rs

Expected price –

Rs 8.3 – 8.8 lakh

Expected launch date –

December 2020

In 1972 Kawasaki introduced the Z1 also known as the Kawasaki 900 super for following the introduction of Honda’s cb 750 in 1968.

The Z1 helped populrize the inline four – cylinder fast forward 2018. Kawasaki released the Z900rs as a tribute to the original Z1. This Kawasaki’s 900rs cafe.


Digital odometer

  • Analog speedometer
  • Digital tripmeter
  • Analog techometer
  • Digital odometer
  • Digital clock
  • Digital  fuel gauge
  • Low fuel indicator system
  • Low bettery indicator system

lED headlight

  • LED headlight
  • LED tail light
  • Electric start system

Kawasaki Z900rs, Generation full system exhaust K factory and this SW motek sidebands and SW more tech side bug bralette automation engine guards. Gold runway and Denali ops LED lights quard locked cell phone holder, LED headlights and LED signal lights.

 Instrument pannel another brain for that retro look it in kilometres an item speedometer analog dial. Very young man young fuel gauge and temperature digital.

But the odometer generation clock transition traction control and see titania demonstrated. This Kawasaki z900rs campaign its quite interesting bike because a while ago.

I went to spain yet again with kawasaki rewrite the regular of 100Rs, so the naked version of this and where the regular said 100Rs unlike the name would suggest this very different from being naked. Sporty said 900.


Engine kawasaki z900rs

Kawasaki Z900rs has 4 stroke, 4 cylinder, DOHC 16 value, liquid cooled engine. Inline 4, 948cc displacement, It produce 110hp (horsepower) and 98.5Nm torque. Z900rs mileage is 18.86kmpl in one litre petrol. Fuel tank capacity of this Kawasaki Z900rs are 17 litres. 20 kmpl on highway.

The dials are machined they kind of have circles in them to make it look like an old LP and the details are just absolutely stunning. It’s no different than the regular semi hard Rs so it shares the same engine it’s got the same wheel is slightly finish on has the same suspension. Kawasaki z900rs cafe racer 2020 new updates


Gear suspension

There also sells is essentially a regular cell 500rs with slight bodywork changes. So, this is a bike fit ward just about crack 200. It really does slow down but we’ll do 200 and that’s something that, we didn’t regular artists.

That as opposed because the wind protection so where the regular Rs is happy untill about 120. This thing is quite easy to put away beyond that and as a result. You notice that limitation of the bike a bit more.

Wheel and Break

Kawasaki z900rs


Kawasaki z900rs, front tyre is 170 ZR17 and Rear tyre is 180/55 ZR17. Front brake is dual disc ABS and Rear brake is single disc ABS.

Kawasaki z900rs rear

6 speed gear box has been used. Bore and stroke size is 73.4 × 56mm.

Kawasaki z900rs had different handlebars and a different saddle, so the difference are in the fairing on the front. The regulars have 900Rs has no steering boards untill. You make it has a slightly different handlebars.

It has a difference adil for a slightly more pull at seating position and If the boss has this Eddie Lawson inspired absolutely fantastic library paint job. Which looks way better in person well on camera.

It green paint coated with white stripe boost. It seat features which effective and acts like a bum stop. It was a very cool looking bike and what is perhaps intresting about this bike is that technically.

It’s got the same set-up of the engine everything else is exactly. It is essentially the same thing. What one of the main differences is of course the fairing and the handlebars.


41mm invested fork, Fully adjustable. Horizontal back – link, Gas charged shock. ABS & Traction control.

Kawasaki z900rs seat

They translate to a slightly different seating. Seating position providing experience so start with the seating position. They’ve given the sort of the cafe racer style of this bike. It’d be quite forward on the wrists and be quite a toughest seating position.

That is absolutely not the care it definitely looks like cafe racer but it doesn’t have clip on its a regular saw bar. You’re slightly more forwards irregular zed 900Rs, but the differences are not that big as a very comfortable saddle and with the wind protection.

You got from the fairing this is definitely a bike that you could do quite a lot of miles with in a day and get off a little bit less higher than you would on a regular Rs perhaps to suit.

The wind resistance but when you start looking at it being used despite the fact that, it’s technical the same bike it eats user experience is very different.

Kawasaki z900rs cafe

Kawasaki z900rs racer, it comes little bit at the start around with a minute. It’s not quite as stable as you have it under that speed but otherwise, it’s the same guy. If you are using this white as an everyday life to get to work. Whether the shops is perhaps a more viable option. Kawasaki z900rs cafe racer 

Because that wind protection otherwise this bike is all about the details. It has a four some paint work definitely have a look at my regular said 900rs. It’s not a lot of its a homage to be said one a lot of sort of sliding details that reflect back on that the logos.

That creepees on the block they are not functional. We gave that modern classic look something else. I didn’t pick up on the last time five notes this time is the dials on the speedo and attacker. Just like with the regular Rs. Kawasaki z900rs cafe race 2020 new update 

The axles in the needled and the bomb mimic the ones on the set one first. If you look very closely at the way. It really like this fight in term of writing experiences. It still has that same warm same really nice friendly character.

That the regular said like Aris house so, we spent all afternoon these things around Spanish Hills. It was beautiful weather. We have stupid miles an hour and It gets a little bit of a wiggle that little bit unstable.

We really start pushing it kind of adds to the characters. It makes it a better bike but purhaps it adds something to the general feel and the general personality of the bikes.

I’m absolutely plus the time doing that even though things get did a little bit edgy. Sometimes so far really good impression of this cafe version.

All weekend with kawasaki we’re actually saying the same hotel as a bunch of super. My teams which might be but so far. It’s been very very fun weekend. We’ve got three more days ago it’s a long weekend.

Make sure to watch the space and there should be some very cool contact monsoon was so far so good regardless.

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2020 first lokawasaki z900rs cafeocafe racer 202 new updates


Kawasaki z900rs cafe racer 2020 new update

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