KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

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This is the brand – new KTM 1290 super adventure R and it competes with other deal sport adventure bikes like, the BMW GS, the Ducati multistrada and of course the Honda africa twin.

It is KTMs most expensive and most technically advanced adventure touring bike now.

The KTMs venerable Ic8 twin cylinnder and this motorcycle it puts out. I still can’t believe this a hundred and sixty horse power in street or sport mode.

It’s the engine that has one two car that smashed the picks peak record back in 2017. And in this bike, it is linear. It is powerful.

The drive – by – wise throttle that KTM of course is built into this to make 160 horsepower. This bike manageable both on the road and in the dirt.

The technology right away because that’s really what makes this bike such a dual sport monster. The drive boat sport 160 horsepower street, 160 horsepower rain and off – road wear the bike gives you only about a 100 horsepower.

I don’t think even need that much when you’re going off – road. Basically with this bikes integrated traction control system two different ABS settings.

Ktm 1290 super adventure R weight

It makes a bike that DRI weighs about 215 kg and as close of a dirt bike as you can get now just reviewed my personal bike which is a KTM 690 enduro.

You can click up there to watch that review its not quite a dirt but nevertheless. You can take this on single track roads because it’s got all the traction stability control ABS built in to make it actually quite tame.

When you’re off – roading. This iangling mouthful lane angling senstive traction control and of course cornering ABS. If you’re over at an angle. If you’re going around to turn.

And it’ll give you the proper amount of braking and throttle as needed to keep you on two wheels. It also has whose control and he’ll hold which prevents you from rolling back.

Ktm R super adventure y

When you’re on a sleep hills. The most noticeable difference between the old 1190 super adventure and the new one are these headlights now these are LED headlights.

And they have a built in heat sink sight here. So the bike funnels cold air behind the lights to cold them off. But that’s not all when you’re cornering these lights also. KTM 1290 super adventure R

Also light up on either side so that you can see around the corner. That’s pretty snazzy. Just like many modern cars KTM of course has a key, but you don’t need to key anymore.

The KTM called mega super adventure has a sensor. I t’s right here on the side and so it known. When you have the key on you. All you have to do is keep in your pocket get on the bike start it up.

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You don’t need to stick a key in the hole anymore. And the speaking of mortar tech that now of course has made. It’s way into motorcycle. There’s a little chubby hole.

You can charge the phone, once you put it in the chubby hole. The KTM also has blue-tooth so, If you happen to have speaker system or headphones in your helmet.

You can listen to them using blue-tooth. Just like you would in a regular car. So, If you love spotify or Apple music or anything else that hooks up via blue-tooth.

The KTM hazard. The dirt again an off- road boat first your courses. Traditional six speed transmission got the camera on the digital dashboard, So you guys tied it at home.

The super adventure now of course comes with a gorilla glass 6.5 inch dashboard. So no longer do you have your traditional analog gauge.

These are all electronic as any proper dashboard should be, You can completely configure it to whatever display.

The gorilla glass is a special non glare finish, So that even in bright sunlight. You can see it and speaking of another convenience feature, while you’re riding. You can actually crank up and down.

The wind screen to give you a little bit more control of just how much air buffets your helmet.

The seat height here is thirty five point. One inches which makes it a pretty tall bike but nevertheless approachable to many people.

Who aren’t guilt as tall. The suspension travel and nine point eight inches of ground clearance, which is pretty much dirt bike.

Breaking is by brembo dual discs in the front single in the back multiple settings for ABS.

KTM super adventure R Rear wheel

It’s pretty much transparent which is good because you don’t want ABS showing up especially on dirt. 21 inch wheel in the front, 18 inch wheel in the back and of course you’ve got these very dirt worthy knobby tires.

And an upgraded front 21 inch wheel the KTM says is much less likely to pancake. When you’re riding hard. The smaller rear disc had a progressive feel and could activated easily with one or two fingers.

These brakes have some serious stopping power. If needed but it was fun steering. This bike with the rear break through some single trial.

The off – road mode limits this bike to a hundred horsepower. There will be further discussion on the very sophisticated traction. This bike comes with an impressive range of sophisticated electronic wizardry.

The accessories that improve rider comfort and safety but at the end of the day. It is the fundamentals of bike handling and comfort in the dirt.

This bike stability at slow speed everyone sums to forget that most handlebars of big adventure bikes hit the dirt in a slow stop.

Finally, There is the issue of keeping dust out of the engine with robust fettering system. The most obvious improvement over the night and quickly because apparent the improvements in suspension are significant.

When pushing the bike hard the resistance to bottoming of the front forks was excellent. Heating sharp edge potholes at speed was soaked up by the suspension.

Where before the fork would have fallen through the stroke with bump. The smaller irregularities on the trail was soaked up ensure.

The suspension was confidence inspiring and predictable and a stand out feature of the bike. It is very useful in heavy usable slowly movijng through obstacles on the trail.

The traction control turned off power slides are effortless and steering the bike through back wheel grunt is fun.

Even when I cracked open the throttle the predictable delivery of bob pencil. The fuel range of the bike was around 330 kilometres. Which is great for out back exploration.

KTM super adventure R fuel tank

KTM 190 super adventure R, The big varient fuel economy on average 5.5 litres per hundred kilometres.  But when riding by card fuel economy dropped to about 7.5 litres per hundred kilometres.

The sitting and standing positions on the bike were great. Brake and gear will easily activated.

I must have accessory for standing these wider and longer foot pegs. They give you more turning power but most importantly are so comfortable in the dirt.

A neat feature of this bike particularly suited to dusty. Australian conditions are the pre air fitter inserts. That can be easily accessed by one screw for cleaning the twin front brembo disc combined with the smaller rear disc had a progressive feel.

These brakes have some serious stopping power. If needed but it was fun steering this bike with the rear break through some single trial.

KTM super adventure R head light

The LED headlight shoot out an intense white light with a great throw and whip that ensure. High beam doesn’t intensify. The light but extends it significant in all illumination is ideal for a bike of this capacity.

The KTM 1290 Super adventure R, A neat feature particularly when turning at low speed is additional lighting that activates in the direction of the turn.

The instrument pannel is another outstanding features of the bike that can easily be read in direct sunlight.

The layout is uncultured and finding the information. You want is intuitive. Other handy features include cruise control keyless ignition and Bluetooth.

Crash bars come with a buy but you’ll have to buy that Bosch plate and those broader longer foot pegs.

There’s a great little phone box on the steering stem but a word of caution. It’s not water proof.

Finally, the side stand port is way too small for a big adventure bike.

The KTM super adventure R, we have sum really nice features available from the left hand switch black. So we have the cruise control.

The ability to navigation through the screen to offer different modes. So, we have different traction control modes, power modes, and ABS mode.

This mode will come standard so previously to fit a pre – fitter or a foam fitter for our really dusty conditions.


Ktm 1290 super adventure R engine

The KTM 1290 super Adventure R has 1301cc victim engine. It produces 160 horsepower and 140 newton meter torque. It has 2 liquid cooled cylinder. No of gear is 6 speed. ABS traction control system. Bore and stroke is 108mm and 71mm.


Specifications of KTM super adventure R

The seat height of KTM 1290 super Adventure is 860mm. Ground clearance is 220mm. Overall height is 238 kg. The fuel tank capacity of this bike is 23 litres. It has been used petrol in this bike. It gives 18 km/pl mileage in one litre petrol. Front and Rear wheel is 200mm both. Seat height of this bike is 860mm.


Odometer of KTM super adventure R

  • Digital speedometer
  • Digital Tachometer
  • Digital Trip-meter
  • Digital odometer
  • Digitally clock system
  • Digital fuel gauge system
  • Low fuel warning feature is also available in this super KTM 1290 super Adventure R


  • Low battery indicator
  • Gear display system
  • LED headlight

KTM super adventure R tail light

  • LED tail light
  • USB charging feature
  • Electric start system


The KTM Super Adventure R has 19 inch front wheel and 17 inch Rear wheel. All wheels are tubeless. It has totally Alloy wheels.

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