Yamaha Fz 25 New update

Yamaha Fz 25

Yamaha Fz 25 is naked street fighter bike. This is really cool. It cost around 1.40 lakh. It will be launched till end of july 2020.

This is a media bike and it was ridden really hard the tires on this Fz 25 have been stock from the start. The tire life is long really but the tire grip is not adequate. The tire has lost grip due to gravel or any wet surface comes.


Yamaha Fz 25


  • Digital odometer
  • Digital speedometer
  • Digital techometer
  • Digital tripmeter


  • Fuel Guage is available
  • Low fuel indicator is available
  • Electric start is available
  • 12v DC electric system is used
  • LED headlamp
  • LED taillamp

Brakes, wheel suspension


Yamaha Fz 25 has great brake size 282mm front brake and 220mm rear brake. 17 inch front wheel size and 17 inch Rear wheel size. 100/80-17 52p front tubeless tyre. 140/70-17 66s Rear tubeless tyre.

Yamaha Fz 25 churns out 20.3bhp and 20Nm of torque. Five speed gear box. It is generate maximum power 20.3bhp @ 8000rpm and maximum torque 20Nm @ 6000rpm.


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Yamaha Fz 25 is in three different colours Dark matt Blue, Cyan Blue and Motogp edition.


Yamaha Fz 25, This bike is very useful for endless dark highways or midnight ride, because it has been used crystal clear vision. This advanced Bi function class D type headlamp. LED high – low beam with LED day time running lamp.

The headlight with the unit jitters a lot talking about headlight, the illumination is not that impressive either any headlamp leads the road pretty nicely. But does not do a great job under pitch dark conditions even the high beam is not that effective.


Yamaha Fz 25 has BS6 compliant 249cc Air cooled, SOHC & 4 stroke single cylinder engine with trusted fuel injection technology. 

Fz 25 has used 249cc single cylinder fuel injected engine. An advanced 4 row core oil cooler. It will keep the engine cool from heating up while riding the bike.

This 249cc oil cool engine is a bomb penetrated meter on the crank 20bhp on the hand. This one has a very spotty exhaust.

It has been used chain drive transmission syatem. Fuel tank capacity of this bike 14 litres. You can do long ride so very well without any fuel stops.

I’ll tell you this is the machine that can take on the city and you can tour as well without thinking too much.


Yamaha Fz 25 has been used multi – function negative LCD display. It is very intresting feature for this bike. We can check Kilometers while riding and accurate speed check & shown on the display. This disply looks so well.



Fz 25, The seat for the pillion is very comfortable the foot pegs for the pillion are the little raised. The grab rails are good to hold on. while riding we will fell so comfort because of seat.


This is a media bike and it was ridden really hard the tires on this Fz 25 have been stock from the start. The tire life is long really. But the tire grip is not adequate, The tire has lost grip due to gravel or any wet surface comes.

Yamaha Fz 25 has 5 step adjustable monocross suspension. It is for that extra riding comfort. The mono shock at the rear the plus a safe ride ensure that you are comfortable, and have a strong feedback with the right.

Yamaha Fz 25, Both tyre has disc brake with dual channel ABS. This motorcycle proves to be one solid machine the fit and finish of each other. 

Every part of machine is so good. It feels like yamaha. This Fz 25 has been a work horse for me and its performing beautifully the tock band is so wide.

We can use it everywhere and anywhere. It has very good law – end very great mid and it lacks. This bike cost is very cheap. Although it required brake pad changes at just 5 thousand km.


There have been place like the switch gear where it feels like some cost – cutting because of smaller part. The mileage that impressed us a lot 38km per liter from this 249cc machine.

The number 38 that was an average the worst went upto 32 and the best was almost upto 45. This is a worthy motercycle and at this price point there is another yamaha sibling, that is for the trike.

This is one impreasive long time bike. I’ll tell you this bike has been coming up with surprices day after day first starters the daily. City commute has been so epic. I write this everyday literally everyday from home to work to places.

Yamaha Fz price

Varient                            Price

Fz 25 standard                     ₹ 1,33,749

Fz 25 monster energy         ₹ 1,37,334


Fz 25 Dual channel ABS      ₹ 1,35,424


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