Yamaha fzs fi v 3.0 bs6 model super bike latest update
Yamaha FZs fi v3 bs6 latest model
Yamaha fzs fi bs6 latest model motorcycle
Ex showroom price – Rs 1,05,071

This is the Yamaha fzs version 3.0 the bs6 model. So Yamaha becomes the first manufacture to roll out of bs6 variant in the 150 to 160 cc category with their best seller fzs fi the bs6 model. The RTR 164 V bs6 variant that has been unveiled but as per the records.

It was Yamaha who came first to the party, so we gotta give them credit. There are the eight new changes that the fcs fi bs6 model brings along with it.

Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 engine
Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 engine
  1. Frist is that 149cc fuel injected engine now comes with a reprogrammed the ECU. The ignition timing and injection maps for the fuel injection have been completely redone to offer better pickup right off all the mark better in gear acceleration better over taking power clean and crisp throttle response and the most important advantage is that this new bs6 variants promises better mileage.
  2. The second point is that the torque has now been increased to 13.6 newton meters as opposed to 12.8 newton meter of the preceding model also the torque peaks out earlier now at 5500 rpm as opposed to 6000 rpm on the preceding model.
  3. The third point is that having to a bide by the strict emission norms power had to be curtailed therefore the peak power is now down to 12.4 ps compared to 13.2 ps of th preceding model also the power max’s out now earlier on the rd band at 7250 rpm compared to 8000 rpm earlier.
  4.  Point number four is that we now get an on board diagnostic tool in the speedo console. So when a malfunction is detected the engine warning light will glow continuously until the problem is fixed.
  5. Point number five is that the engine cowl is now available on the standard fz variant as well because earlier. It was only available for the fzs variant.
  6. Point number six is that the midship muffler now comes with a bass heavy exhaust note however it does feel quite silent when you’re not revving the hell out of it.
  7. Point number seven is that we now get see it zoom radial rear tire as opposed to the MRF one but the road grip felt pretty good on there new tires and these are supposed to provide better cornering stability while also offering longer life.
Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 latest model motorcycle
Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 latest model motorcycle
  1. Point number eight is that this new bs6 model is now available in two stunning new colors one is this metallic glass red and then we have this dark knight matte black color scheme. because it’s just drop – dead gorgeous when you look at it in the flesh. So now looking at other relevant bits we get an LED headlamp which looks modern.
Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 latest model motorcycle
Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 latest model bike

And contemporary we also get the chunky 41mm forks which offer a superb front and field. We then have the best in class largest in class 28.2mm front disc which offers good initial bite and confidence inspiring braking performance.

Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6, We do get single channel ABS as well to watch your back while riding on slippery surfaces other highlight include the negative backlit display. Which looks prefer a bright yellow or orange backlit display for better visibility.

Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 latest model motorcycle
Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 latest bike

The seat is another major plus for this bike. We get a long and spacious seat that offers adequate room for the rider as well as the pillion and is easily accessible for ladies as well. Which is what makes the fzs the ideal family bike the mono cross suspension contributes to mass centralization concept thereby enhancing.

Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6, The overall handling characteristic it also offers superb high speed stability while doing speeds of around 85 to 90 km/h. The suspension at the same time isn’t too hard nor is it too soft. It offers a comfortable ride through the city streets as well just bike is the new 149cc air cooled, 2 value fuel injected blue core engine.

Which puts our 12.4 peers of max. power at 7000 to 50 rpm and 13.9 newton meters of max torque at 5500 rpm. We get a 5 speed gearbox now. This new bs6 compliant engine  uses 8 sensors present on board to delivers better performance and better mileage compared to the bs4 model.

This new yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 model. Surge instantly almost instantly right of the mark that’s because the torque has been increased. The talk kicks in a lot earlier. You do have the grant when you rev the motorcycle. The bike feels right and agile super swift and mambo and this new red color scheme that’s been launched with the bs6 update looks absolutely ravishing.

The white handlebar the long seat and the perfectly positioned rider foot pegs perfectly positioned rider foot pegs perfectly concealed the riders for angle thereby offering. Ideal riding posture and perfectly sorted out riding on genomics for urban commuting.

This is the champion much of street fighter from Yamaha that’s been ruling. The streets for quite some time now and with the version 3.0. It’s much of muscular looks with which it was actually launched because the version 2 was scaled them a little bit to make it look more streamlined and more compact and sharper and sleeker but this one is backed with the beefed up look.

Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6, The bike feels slightly quitter as well when you are ambling around without pushing it to its limits. Color scheme it’s the sports red so it’s super attractive. It’s a head turner by all means the 41mm folks offers a comfortable and pliant ride through the city streets.

The potholder density streets and even when you are ringing the throttle open and pushing the throttle open and pushing it to the limits. It offers that extra bit of confidence to push the bike all the way and tap into the fuel potential of the motorcycle.

Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6, The steering works really well the way. The way you can steer the bike is so confidence inspiring. The seat is well padded the foam is just about perfect it’s not too soft or is it too hard. The rear shock also supports the chassis really well. You can cruise on this bike at around 80 – 85 kilometers per hour effortlessly and maybe you can push it further as well.

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  • Matte Black
  • Dark matt Blue
  • Grey & cyan Blue
  • Metallic Red
  • Dark knight
  • Vintage Green
  • Matte Red

Power & Performance
  • Max. Power – 12.2bhp @ 7,250 rpm
  • Max. Torque – 13.6 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
  • 149cc displacement engine
  • No. of cylinder – 1
  • Bore – 57.3mm
  • Stroke – 57.9mm
  • Transistor controlled ignition
  • Air cooling system
  • 5 – speed manual Transmission system
  • Chain drive Transmission
  • Wet, multi clutch disc
  • Fuel injection system
  • 13 Liters fuel tank capacity
  • 45 kmp/l mileage in one liter petrol

Brakes, Wheels & Suspension
  • Single channel ABS braking system
  • Front disc brake
  • Rear disc brake
  • Front brake size – 282mm
  • Rear brake size – 220mm
  • Front wheel size – 17 inch
  • Rear wheel size – 17 inch
  • Front tyre size – 100/80-17 m/c (52p)
  • Rear tyre size – 140/60-R-17m/c (63p)
  • Tubeless tyre has been used
  • Alloy wheel has been used
  • Telescopic fork front suspension
  • Rear suspension is 7 step adjustable mono-cross suspension

Dimension & Chassis
Yamaha fzs fi v3 bs6 latest model motorcycle
  • Overall weight – 137kgs
  • Overall length – 1990mm
  • Overall width – 780mm
  • Overall height – 1080mm
  • Wheelbase – 1330mm
  • Ground clearance – 160mm
  • Seat height – 790mm

  • Digital  odometer
  • Digital DRLs
  • No GPS & Navigation system
  • No mobile app connectivity
  • No USB charging port
  • No front storage Box
  • Digital speedometer
  • Fuel gauge is available
  • Digital techometer
  • Stepped seat available
  • No. of Trip meter is 2
  • Digital trip-meter
  • Low fuel indicator system
  • Low oil indicator system
  • Electric start system
  • Digital clock
  • LED headlamp
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mono cross suspension
  • LCD instrument cluster
  • Fuel warning indicator

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