Yamaha MT 15 BS 6 Latest update

Yamaha MT 15 bs6Expected price is

  Rs 1.40 lakh

Red wheels and red graphics which looks absolutely stunning. This is the new MT – 15 BS6 model and just in case you didn’t know already MT stands for master of torque.

Yamaha’s MT 15 Bs6 latest range of motorcycle like MT – 10 and MT – 09 and MT – 07 are known for the unique motor art style character. They bring along with them this is the same DNA that defines the MT – 15.

This BS6 model is the all new ice floor were mainly in color shade which almost looks like matte white now. This color is recently launched in the international market and I’m so glad Yamaha have brought.

This truly makes the design elements completely come alive and the bike looks absolutely stunning with the red accents. The red wheels secondly with the BS6 update the bike is now more environment friendly.

And puts out less of pollution compared to the BS4 model. So has the power taken a hit because of this well. The maximum power is now down from 19.3 ps to 18.5 ps and the torque is down from 14.7 Newton meters to 13.9 Newton meters.

Yamaha MT 15 bs6

The MT 15 is seriously all priced but If you look at the technology, It has an offer honestly. It’s just stripped base naked street by corrosion of the R 15 version 3.0.

Which is really interesting. It comes powered by the same liquid cooled – 4 stroke, 4 value, 155cc fuel injected engine. That puts out 18.5 tears of maximum power at 10,000 rpm.

And 13.9 Newton meters of maximum torque at 8500 rpm. We do get a six speed gear box now. It’s the only 155cc naked sport bike in our market that the 6- speed gear box.

Its also the most powerful naked sport bike in the 155cc class and it weighs just 138 kgs, Which is outstanding and this is one of the main points that sets.

It apart from the others also the bike is more of a more tired kind of motorcycle, Which is more about incredible agility radical futuristic design language and completely fatigue free riding experience  because of being unbelievable light weight.

Other noteworthy features include chunky 41mm telescopic folks up front now. The bike gets the same delta box frame as the R15 which offers superb rigidity and balance and yields the rider complete control.

Yamaha MT 15 bs6 LED headlights

We get the stunning looking LED headlamp that offers decent light spirit consume lesser battery in terms of safety.

We do get single channel ABS a standard and we get the side stand engine cutoff features which refuses to start.

The engine in gear. If the side stand hasn’t been removed. We also get an assistant slipper clutch which kind of watches our back while doing faster down shift.

It prevents reverse torque which can result in the rear wheel locking and hopping the slipper clutch also provides for a lighter clutch pull.

The dual throttle cable and shows that the throttle response is crisp and consistent. Other class leading features on the bike include something called vva or variable value actuation system.

Where in we have two intake value camps one for the low to mid range and the other for the higher rpms. Such that the rider has adequate power and torque at his disposal through out the rev band.

Yamaha MT 15 bs6 Rear tyre

The MT also gets a class leading 282mm disc up front which offers good bite and feedback. The braking is indeed very impressive and confidence inspiring.

The larger diameter front disc. They had offered dual channel ABS with the super moto mode such that the one could switch off ABS in the rear wheel to performs those stunts and drifts.

And then we get a 140 section radial rear tire that comes with better water channeling capabilities and carries a special tread pattern to offer great high speed stability and superb cornering stability.

The instrument cluster is the same as that of the R15 v3 and it does offer all the relevant info.

That we hoped for so how does it feel to ride. The MT has always been a nice and perky machine effortless riding a motor kind of a character looking under neath.

Yamaha MT 15 bs6 seat height

The riding posture is so perfectly sorted out the riding ergonomics. The handling is brilliant. The seat is slightly on the stiffer side.

But that’s not a deal – breaker. It’s something you can live with apart from the suspension is perfectly sorted out.

The braking is good as well now. The MT stand out is its unique character. The motard straight motard kind of character.

Where it’s light weight agile nimble swift – footed and at the same time very effortless to side. This is the right kind of premium city slinger, you’d be looking for it’s premium.

It’s compact, it’s agile, it’s nimble and it’s goes fast. It has the torque, torque in nature and keeps things really interesting intense and intriguing while riding.

It through the city streets it has that adequate juice on offer to perform those quick overtakes.

It’s nice and compact to get you or squeeze you through those tiny gaps in chocolate block city traffic.

The acceleration is nice and linear and the front starts beyond 7000 rpm. It has a nice and throaty exhaust note despite the BS6 update the initial.

The acceleration the way the kitchen is really good especially. When you take it rivet all the way in each and every gap.

Taking about what could be better with the MT 15 Being introduced as a premium 155cc motard kind of a motorcycle.

I would prefer it to be spec-ht up right up to the brim with upside down fork and aluminium swing arm just like.

The international spec variant and also dual channel appears. That the Yamaha consider offering the aforementioned features such that the MT 15 can come across as a force to reckon.

The price action room Hyderabad for the MT 15 BS6 model is rupees one lakh thirty nine thousand five hundred.

It does bring a long exclusivity with the radical styling ahead of its class features like of its class features like variable value actuation assistant slipper clutch delta box frame.

Engine Specification

Yamaha MT 15 bs6 Engine

Yamaha MT 15 has 155cc engine. It has been designed BS6 model. 6 Speed gear box. Single channel ABS system. Alloy wheels has been used. All tyres are tubeless.

Seat height is 810mm. Overall weight is 138kg. Fuel tank capacity is 10 litres. It generate maximum power 18.2 bhp @ 10,000 rpm and maximum torque 13.9 Nm @ 8500 rpm.

Yamaha MT 15 motorcycle has 48 kmpl mileage. Length is 2020mm, width is 800mm and Height is 1070mm. Bore and stroke is 58 × 58.7mm.


  • LED headlight
  • LED tail light
  • LCD full display
  • Low fuel warning indicator
  • Fully digital console
  • Electric start system

Digital odometer

  • Digital speedometer
  • Digital odometer
  • Digital tachometer
  • Digital Tripmeter


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Yamaha MT 15 bs6 has three different colour. First is metallic black second is Dark matt blue and third is ICE  fluo vumilion.

Brakes and Tyres

Yamaha MT 15 bs6 front Tyre

Yamaha MT 15 bs6 has been used disc brake. Front disc brake is 282mm and Rear disc brake is 220mm. Front tyre is 100/80 – 17 and Rear tyre is 140/70 – R17. Front wheel size is 17 inches and Rear wheel size is 17 inches.

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