Yamaha XSR 155 motorcycle, latest information

Yamaha xsr 155
Yamaha xsr 155
Expected price – Rs 1,36,000 – 1,,40,000
Expected launch date – Jan 2021

The all new Yamaha XSR 155 2021, also known as the Sports heritage. Yamaha gave this motorcycle a completely classic look from scratch. Starting from tank to the seat. The theme has been maintained and the best  part is the meter console of this motorcycle.

Which is fully digital console while maintaining the classic theme. The tail and the head lamp has been made with the classic theme. We can also see that they have use LED head lamp. Although the exhaust looks a little bulky but it goes very well with the theme.

Yamaha xsr 155 latest engine
Yamaha xsr 155 engine

The engine, Yamaha XSR 155 version 3. Engine, which is powered by 155cc, 4 value liquid cooling SOHC engine. Also the Horse power and torque is equivalent to the R15V3 and MT – 15. We can noticed that is the radiator usually Yamaha uses a silver color radiator but this one has a black one.

The forks they have used the USD (upside down) forks for a premium ride experience. They have given IRC as stock tires. The Yamaha xsr 155  motorcycle has been imported in 4 different color variants, the one that red and white, the green metal color and matt olive color which is also known as army green color.

Yamaha xsr 155
Yamaha xsr 155

Yamaha xsr 155, Lastly there’s the matt black edition. Usually we observe that the model name of the motorcycle is mostly highlighted but here Yamaha has just used an classic look beside. The aluminum angle looks very attractive is has a good sense of tuning with the overall design.

The height of 6’1, I thought the sitting position would be upright or down right. We have any issue for regular commute and highway cruise. The sit is kind of the stiffer ride given the classic motorcycle, this is understandable.

The handlebar feels like a mixture of both a commuter and a cruise motorcycle for the first time in the Bangladesh. This has been imported in 4 color variants and the stock is available on a first come first serve basis.

The importer has set a price tag of 5.25 lakh. The Yamaha XSR 155 shares the same engine as the MT – 15 which is powered by a 155cc single overhead cam liquid cooled single cylinder engine that purchase out 19.3 horse power at 10,000 rpm and 14.7 newton meter of torque at 8,500 rpm.

Yamaha xsr 155, variable value actuation technology allows the engine to always have enough torque . No matter where you are in the revise range. It’s got an upside down telescope fork up front with a mono-shock operating on a die cast aluminum swing arm at the back stopping power is taken cared of a single caliper and rotor up front and a single rotor and caliper combo at the rear.

Yamaha xsr 155 fuel tank
Yamaha xsr 1155 fuel tank

Yamaha xsr 155, Unfortunately this model does not come with abs. Tank capacity is 10 liters and should have an average of just under 49 kilometers per liters. Which is pretty damn good. The bike is fitted with 17 inch wheels with a 100/70 front tires and a 140/70 rear tire.

 Yamaha xsr 155, awesome headlight
Yamaha xsr 155, headlight

The headlight of the Yamaha XSR 155 is actually nicer than that of the 700. The 700 comes with that bucket headlight looks a little clunky and a little clumsy and It’s only a bulb type. This is already LED and it’s daytime running.

The dash is quite similar to that of the 700 and 900. It’s circular and it’s minimalist but it gives you all the necessary details. It has the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, turn signal indicators and neutral indicator.

It also shows gear position indicator a clock to trip meter average and current fuel consumption and average speed. The foot pegs retract quite smoothly, so If you’re stuck in traffic and then there’s a sudden movement your legs are safe.

The 700 and 900 have a lot of bolt on and bolt off parts because of customisation. The Yamaha XSR 155 follows that same idea and the people who would buy this would use it as a black canvas.

Yamaha xsr 155 seat
Yamaha xsr 155 seat

So, that they could add their personal touch. The seat height is 810mm and the ground clearance is 170mm. Slightly lower than the Yamaha XSR 700 but not by much to be completely honest with you. The tank is actually not this is a plastic covering.

This is one reason for it being slightly lighter with a wet weight of 134kg. The seating position is not exactly neutral or completely aggressive. It’s actually kind of somewhere in between. The foot pegs are a little bit behind you.

Which makes you feel like. You’re kind of in attack mode very close to the bigger sibling. It looks like the 700 and the 900 and it kind of feels like it. When you are sitting in the saddle for the first time. I was kind of looking for the power.

The gearbox is pretty damn good shifting is smooth with the inclusion of an assist and slipper clutch. The clutch lever is so easy to operate and you can find neutrals with no problem. The ride is really really smooth.

You can actually leave it on third gear and just cruise around the city. The position of the horn is kind of strange. It’s not where it normally is on other bikes. I have to kind of look for it when I want to use it. The bike is perfect for beginners.

Yamaha xsr 155
Yamaha xsr 155

It’s easy to ride, It’s enjoyable, It’s looks good, It’s stress free, It’s fun, It’s light and It’s from a brand that is known for it’s reliability. If you wanted to get an Yamaha XSR. You have to get the 700 or the 900 and that might be too much bike for some beginners. The Yamaha XSR 155 is perfect for that. It has some of the characteristics and all of looks.


Yamaha xsr 155 specifications
Yamaha xsr 155 specifications
  • Displacement – 155cc
  • Engine – 4 stock, 4 value, single cylinder, SOHC liquid cooled engine
  • Maximum power generate – 18.3ps @ 10000 rpm
  • Maximum torque generate – 14.7nm @ 8500 rpm
  • Front disc brake
  • Rear disc brake
  • Fuel capacity – 10 liters
  • Average mileage – 48.58 kmpl
  • Fully sports naked bike


Yamaha xsr 155 digital speedometer
Yamaha xsr 155 digital speedometer
  • ABS single channel
  • LED tail light
  • Digital speedometer
  • Digital odometer
  • Digital trip meter
  • Fuel gauge is available
  • Digital tachometer
  • Chain drive system
  • Self start only
  • Wet multiple disc
  • 6 – speed gear box
  • LED turn signal lamp
  • Low oil indicator system
  • Low fuel indicator system


  • Bore and Stroke – 58mm and 58.7mm
  • Battery type – ETZ-5
  • Battery capacity – 12v, 4Ah
  • Kerb weight – 134 kg
  • Seat height – 810mm
  • Ground clearance – 170mm
  • Wheelbase – 1330mm
  • Width – 805mm
  • Length – 2000mm
  • Height – 1080mm

 Tyres and Brakes

Yamaha xsr 155 front tyre
Yamaha xsr 155 front tyre
  • Front tire size – 100/80-17
  • Rear tire size – 140/70-17
  • Tubeless tire
  • Front wheel size – 431.8mm
  • Rear wheel size – 431.8mm
Yamaha xsr 155
Yamaha xsr 155
  • 12 inch alloy wheel has been used both tyre
  • Front and Rear are disc brake
  • Front brake diameter – 282mm
  • Rear brake diameter – 220mm


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  • White and red
  • Silver
  • Olive green
  • Elegant Black

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